Alia (lem0nlies) wrote,

This journal is now oficially -friends only-

Comment to be added

<33 Alia
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hey its katie norton! add me please! :)
:D no problem. <3


12 years ago

you soo didn't add me back yet!
hey alia it's candice! i dont know if you remember me b.c i havent talked to you in like 2 years . i think? well add me! <33 Candii
Its Andrea, Christ Community Church, add me and Ill love you!!<3
Yo Alia Tiz Lauras Bf. Add this...$Holla Bak$
heeeeey alia..ts hilary..add me! i dont really write in ym journal though=p
haha no problem babe :)
hey how did u get ur
LJ 2 fuzz as it dissapears?
<33 michelle
nooo idea, my friend gave me her lj code but i'll ask her and e-mail you if you give me your e-mail address.


12 years ago

YOU KNOW WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO who who who, like an owl, a great brown owl that is, like nation geographic likes to say. feh!
add me if you want... i'm adding you <3
no prob hun. =)


11 years ago

Hey Alia... It's Austyn... I LoVe YoU!!! AAH!
You know you want me!

lol add me and i'll add you.
i told you i'd comment because i love you. mwahah
i love you alia ♥♥
add me biatchhhh!!

♥ CHELSEA. the by far coolest kid EVEERRR!!
haha, added. =)
add me:)
no prob. kiddo...
add me too
hey alia, love your layout, your background used to be my desktop lol add me< 33
ahaha! np =) the oc rules! yesss... add me too.
add me<3

new journal*

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that just got put back together. we are hoping to find new members to make
it as good as the first one. interested? just join & read the rules & fill out an application.
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♥ cs

friends only?! add me! aren't we friends? we were lovers once-for sure...